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West Virginians deserve a brighter future, and that is why Bill Cole is running for Governor. He believes it’s time we give families the real opportunity and the good paying jobs they deserve. It’s time we give a better education to every child making sure each can reach their dreams right here. It’s time we become less dependent on Washington and fight for the freedoms we hold dear. It’s time we unite. It’s time we become West Virginia Proud -- West Virginia STRONG. Are you ready to join Bill Cole?

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In the News

Aug 24, 2016
PUTS WALL STREET IN CONTROL Jim Justice asks voters to “trust him” but won’t give them any details or specifics CHARLESTON, WV – Jim Justice has a long history of...

Aug 22, 2016
The Ad Focuses on Two Key Parts of Bill Cole’s 7-Point Action Plan  CHARLESTON, WV – The Cole for Governor campaign has begun airing a new TV ad that features...


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